Wednesday, July 17, 2013

weep for the children...

I don't like to take photos of children.  However, we spotted this little girl walking through the middle of traffic...going from vehicle to vehicle begging for money.  Gesturing to her mouth and repeating the same phrase over and over and over again we understood what she was asking.

My heart goes out to children all around the world who are hungry, abused, trafficked, neglected or abandoned.  In every single country we have visited we have seen children in need.  India is no different.  We may not ever see this child again but we can pray for her and all the others like her who are wandering the streets.

I wonder where her mother is.
I wonder about her background.
I wonder if she was genuinely hungry.
I wonder if someone else took the money she labored to raise.
I wonder if she is scared as she weaves in and out of cars, motorcycles, trucks, rickshaws, and bikes.
I wonder...and I weep for the children of the world. 

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  1. I wish I could take all those children under my wings and keep them safe, warm and full. It's a pity that we can't protect every child from the harsh realities of this world :(