Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 1 of Course 1...

On Saturday the Christian Counseling Course at Belize Bible Center started up again.  This class marks the beginning of the second group to start the two year program.  A handful of students were returning to pick up classes they missed during the first two years.  But the majority of them are brand new.  They represent different churches and different ethnic groups here in Belize.  Teachers, pastors, missionaries, homemakers, youth leaders, grandmothers, managers, children's workers, all came together because they want to grow and help others to grow and find healing as well. 

 36 students plus Tom and I were packed into the classroom of Belize Bible Center!

 Tom was excited to be teaching again!

And we are grateful for the provision of a camera so that we can now record the sessions...

It was great to see the small group participation and hear the lively discussions!

Pray with us that God will strengthen these students over the next six semesters and help them to finish out the entire course.  We look forward to seeing transformation in each of them and are excited for the future of Belize as each one reaches out to others in their various communities with the knowledge and insight they will gain! 

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