Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2 Course 1

A few students from last week were missing but 5 new ones showed up.  That means 41 students are enrolled and we are busting out the seams of the classroom!  Tom taught on the development of Trust and it was such a great morning.  I loved seeing all the acronyms the students came up with for TRUST.  

My favorite was "Taking Relationships Under Serious/Spiritual Testing

We were also blessed this week by a Pathlight student who will be doing the video taping for the rest of the semester.  It is exciting to see different ministries coming together to help with the classes.  And we are thrilled that at least 11 different churches are now represented among the students.  Can you imagine what that means for the churches in Belize?! We pray that counselors are raised up that will help meet the needs of the church body and reach out into the surrounding communities as well.

Please pray with us that the students finish out the next four weeks strong.  Pray for Tom to be refreshed and renewed for each lesson.  Pray for each of the churches and ministries represented among the students. And pray for Belize Bible Center and all of the students attending courses there this fall. 

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