Wednesday, October 23, 2013

standing on the Rock...

He set my feet on a rock and gave me a safe place to stand. 
Psalm 40:2

There are days when I feel safe, secure, and stable in His hands.  And of course, there are days when I struggle.  I took this photo at the top of a 100 stair climb above a Hindu temple in Pune, India.  

While the rock itself was stable some of the steps were uneven.  Just as we began our ascent it lightly and briefly rained; causing the rock to feel slippery.  Upon entering the temple everyone had to take off their shoes. Which meant the only traction we had on those stairs were the soles of our bare feet.  With my head down I focused on firmly placing each foot squarely on the next stair persevering onward to reach the uppermost step. My reward was a panoramic view of the city; along with a sense of personal accomplishment for hanging in there to reach the top.

While reminiscing over photos from our time abroad this summer the above photo jumped out at me.  I was caught up in contemplating the journey onward and upward in Him. The path through the Refiner's fire has tricky spots to navigate.  Despite the fact that He is the firm foundation of our faith...there will be times when we struggle.  In these moments we need the Word to remind us that He is still there, watching over us, guiding us, directing us, even when we cannot see the whole picture.  

May we look to Him for the strength to take the next indicated step on the path.
And may we rest in the knowledge that He is indeed the Rock on which we stand.  

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