Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just before going to bed last night I told Tom what date it would be... it is hard to believe that 7 years have past since this tragedy.

I remember clearly what I was doing that morning. It was Nathan's first day of highschool and he and I got up early to take him to his classes at the Biola STAR program for homeschoolers. On the way in I heard someone make a reference about the Twin Towers... being a basketball fan I thought they were referencing two very tall basketball players that were often referred to that way.

Sadly, it was not a basketball reference. School was canceled that day after everyone was gathered into the chapel for prayer.

Many of us spent time glued to the TV for news... I still cannot watch the footage of the damaged buildings without tears in my eyes.

Many lives were changed that day and for those that lost a loved one their lives will always bear the scar of 9/11.

Take some time today to pray for those who were affected with a loss, for America herself and for her people.

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