Monday, November 21, 2011

One thousand gifts...

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and continuing to count the gifts from Him...

401. our special day is fast approaching

402.  attending the Legacy Youth Conference with 200 youth...

402.  that He watches over us (Psalm 121)
403.  the opportunity to teach at a Bible study for expat women.
404.  a reliable vehicle allowing to provide transport for others when needed.
405.  encouraging text messages from a friend.
406.  being asked to record a video message for a friend in Russia to celebrate her 50th birthday.
407.  lemon cake.
408.  time to crochet.
409.  seeing the youth so energized at the Legacy Conference.

410.  the spirit of unity among the youth and the leaders.

411.  feeling relaxed and not harried and weary after a long busy weekend.
412.  learning the back way to the YWAM base instead of  leaving the car outside the campus and having to walk across the bridge.
413.  spending time with Andrea, Dion and their kids this weekend and getting to know them better.
414.  a quiet morning in the office before appointments begin in the afternoon.

May we remind ourselves each day that every breath is a gift from God.
 Every bite of food, every friendship, the laughter of our children,
 all of the beauty around us is a treasure entrusted to us by God. 
When we heighten our sensitivity to God’s love and grace,
 which is constantly all around us, touching us,
 we will begin to recognize gift after gift from Him.
~Alida Sharp

joining Ann Voskamp and the gratitude community:


  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    yum lemon cake :) I hope you have a blessed week! :) such a lovely post.

  2. For years Psalm 121 was MY scripture and He has proved to be so faithful over and over again! Be blessed (I know you are).


  3. love your thankful list!

  4. Love reading your list of thanks and especially your words at the very bottom of your post. Happy Thanksgiving each and every day!

  5. im loving this post as usual..especially the wedding countdown!!

  6. Anonymous2:03 AM

    I love your post! thanks for sharing..God bless you..loves soraya