Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Last night we were discussing what type of salads to make for a Thanksgiving potluck on Friday.
I was thinking of doing something Russian and found a few recipes on line.  This cole slaw sounds yummy. 
 Although I would probably use red cabbage for color.
Creamy Apple Cole Slaw

Spencer wants a traditional Russian favorite that we had on every holiday...
we may do this one on Thanksgiving day for us.
Olivier Salad

Tom put in his request for one of his favorites as well....
Crab Salad

It may come down to what ingredients we find in the market this week.  
Something simple sounds good to me.
Carrot Salad

It has been at least seven years since our last Thanksgiving in the states.
  So we have gotten away from a traditional menu.  
What about you?  What side dishes are you planning to go with your turkey?


  1. i am thinking of doing a broccoli casserole but not 100% sure yet!

    have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I love coleslaw salad!! Sounds like a tasty thanksgiving!!

  3. i love salads! i just had one tonight. yum!

  4. Here in Canada, thanksgiving has already passed, but one of my favourite side dishes is the turnip and apple bake casserole; with brown sugar bread crumb topping! yummy. I actually make it throughout the year because it is so yummy!!

    And the kids will eat it because the apple makes it sweet and covers the turnip taste.

    just cook your turnips and apples...mash them all toether. scoop into a casserole dish and top with a brown sugar/bread crumbs topping (a little cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger for taste if you like) and bake for about 20 minutes. easy AND good!

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    now im hungry :D Looks yummy :)

  6. I love apple cole slaw....

  7. Just about everything looks soo good. I'm not sure I'll be making or even celebrating Thanksgiving this year. I might be traveling, so no yummy goodness for me. :(
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  8. It's been such a long time since I've tossed up a carrot salad. The posted picture brings back good memories.

    We're having a large Thanksgiving meal with extended family. Turkey, dressing, sweet potato pies, cakes, and all the extras!

    Hugs and Mocha,