Thursday, July 26, 2012

carnival passing through...

A few days ago we stopped to get gas and were treated to this sight...carnival rides! I caught them just as they were pulling out of the gas station. Everybody has to stop and get gas at some point.  And this is one of the few places to fill up along the Western Highway.

 Seeing them drive by prompted memories of summer vacations from my father would pull over any time we saw a carnival along the highway. Each summer we traveled from whatever Air Force base we were currently living on to see both sets of grandparents.  With five kids to entertain it seemed as if my parents were always on the lookout for some form of entertainment for us.  Most of the time there was a giant slide involved.  Now and then it would be a museum.  But, it was always a treat when it was a carnival!   



  1. What a fun memory. How cool that your parents worked so hard to keep you in touch with your grandparents.

    You guys going on any rides?

  2. I wonder what city they were fun!

  3. children would love to go there...
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