Friday, July 27, 2012

a frog, a dryer, and new screen doors...

A year and a half ago we were living in a rental home the first time we encountered a frog in our home.  Last night it happen again.  We were watching TV when Tom glanced down and noticed a frog looking back at him.  He grabbed a broom and a dust pan to herd the high hopping critter out the back door.  We are not sure where he came in from but we do know that he was not invited in by either one of us!

Maybe some of you remember that I blogged about our seven years without a dryer back in January...

I don't have to daydream about soft, lint free towels anymore.  Our season of exclusively using the outdoor clothesline and the indoor drying rack came to an end this week.  We received a very generous donation that allowed us to finally purchase a dryer.  It is such a simple thing...and yet such a huge blessing.  And perfect timing since we are in the thick of the rainy season right now!

On the same day that the dryer was delivered.  Terry and his guys from EnterChange Workshop delivered the screen doors they made for us.  Now we can open up the front and side doors to cool down the house.    

So we had a surprise guest and some incredible blessings...just another week in the jungle!


  1. many adventuress! You so have to write a book someday soon!

  2. Hi,

    Nice to meet you! From one photographer to another: Very nice shot of the close pins. Creative!

    I invite you to come visit my devotional writing and photography blogs.


  3. That is a beautiful screen door! yay for the dryer!

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    What a blessing! We have had our first year of no dryer. Don't have the room for one if we could get it in our one room rondavel. I'm hoping for a new washer soon as ours has issues.

  5. Enjoy that dryer!!! I remember my El Salvador years, didn't have one, and still don't! But I'm glad for yours. :-)

  6. About the frog was very funny. And the others are blessings from God. His works:)

  7. Hooray for the new dryer!...not so much for the frog! May uninvited critters stay away and enjoy the fresh air now that you have the new screen doors. Have a great week :)