Monday, July 23, 2012

one person at a time and other gifts...

We had an emergency appointment this past week.  Someone who was in desperate need of support after suffering through a horrendous ordeal.  Hearing this new woman's story made us both realize that we can do something to make a difference.  And not only us...everyone person at a time.

My gratitude overflows as I reflect on the events of the week...

926.  a gracious donor gifting us with the funds to purchase a dryer!
927.  the generosity and faithfulness of our supporters.
928.  bold orange flowers spotted while out driving.
929.  gluten free cereal and crackers at the USave grocery store in Belize City.
930.  our quiet neighborhood.
931.  a lunch for two that stretches into lunch for five and having leftovers afterward.
932.  a hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon.
933.  chatting with friends and family online.
934.  having a friend tell us that we feel like family.
935.  leading the women's Bible study.
936.  being with the women again after being away for five weeks.
937.  celebrating Meesha's 21st birthday.
938.  enjoying the movies and dinner out.
939.  free books from  
940.  singing worship songs at church.
941.  quiet Sunday afternoons.
942.  finally unpacking my suitcase.
943.  hugs and smiles from little ones at church.
944.  feeling at home here in Belize.
945.  God's loving hands guiding us and protecting us each day.

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Very encourageing and inspiring !!!

  2. Thats all it takes to make a person! Beautiful!