Monday, July 30, 2012

every good and perfect gift...


Every good and perfect gift comes to us directly from Him...sometimes we fail to recognize them.  Yesterday as Pastor Dan was speaking he reminded us that it was God's grace that provided the big fish to swallow Jonah when he was thrown off of the boat and into the sea to die.  

God's grace is a good and perfect gift for each of us.  

It is so easy to focus on the struggle we are currently going through that we lose sight of the grace that God provides to help us overcome. I had a choice about my review of last week...either focus on the pain that I was in from a fibromyalgia flare, or focus on the fact that this recent flare did not cause me to be bed-ridden for almost a year like one I had in 2004.  Or I could focus on the blessings that come our way no matter how small and insignificant they may be.  

Most days I choose gratitude.  

And I will confess that it is not an automatic response for me even though I have been practicing this attitude for over two years. I still work at finding the good in life each day because the reality check it brings to me is worth it. 

So I continue to count the 1000 (and beyond)  good and perfect gifts from Him...

946.  Spencer, Meesha, Dylan, Bev, and Demarice coming to church with us.
947.  their laughter filling the house as we ate lunch together.
948.  planning a meal for four and turning it into a meal for seven.
949.  readings from One Day At A Time in Al Anon
950.  our new screen doors
951.  our new dryer

952.  hearing testimonies at church

953.  attending an Anti-Trafficking training session put on by the International Organization for Migration 

954.  watching the Olympics in English...for the last Olympic games we were in Russia.
955.  our lunch with Diana from CDF
956.  avocados from Patty and Max
957.  hugs from little ones at church
958.  reading some of Nathan's stories

959.  reading our friend  Carrie's new book

960.  seeing Demarice play with one of my Barbie dolls.

961.  hearing Gabby Douglas say in her interview on NBC that she meditated on scripture to stay focused during the qualifying round of the gymnastics competition at the Olympics last night.

962.  the YouVersion Bible app on my Galaxay Tablet.
963.  feeling more at home in our house here in Belize each day.
964.  one more week of free cleaning from Happy Maids.
965.  not being bedridden by pain.
966.  knowing that being gluten free is truly making a difference in how I feel.
967.  God's gracious care and protection over us each day.

joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. i love your attitute towards sickness and that is why it is holding you up. See God's blessing everywhere. Inspiration!

    1. Thank you. His blessings are everywhere...truly!

  2. Gratitude is always the best choice.

  3. Visting from A Holy Experience and thankful to hear your heart in the midst of pain. I confess with you that gratitude is not always my first response, but I'm thankful to be growing in it.
    Prayers and blessings.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! And I am glad to know that I am not alone in growing in thankfulness :-)

  4. i love that Gabby sounds like she has such an awesome spirit..i wish her well!!

    1. I am just beginning to follow her career...she does have a great attitude and spirit!