Monday, June 12, 2006

Ordering water

We only drink filtered water here. It is really not a big deal. We did it in California too. I don't think we have had water from a tap since leaving Kansas. I remember the water in Kansas being fresh and sweet... and then in California it had a color!

We found a service that we can call and they deliver to our apartment. It seems so much easier to let someone else climb the four flights of stairs. Right now we are going through two 19 liter bottles a week. We use it for cooking and for drinking.

In talking to Lena's brother Slavic he says that the water here in Krasnodar is not good because it comes from the Kuban River. And the pipes that it travels through are not very good. Many Russians only drink it after it has been boiled or filtered. We have heard of people who have developed kidney stones from the chemicals in the water here.

Carbonated drinks like Pepsi or Fanta are called "sweet water". You can order water "with" or "without" gas.

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