Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why do Americans eat so much corn?

Lena and Alexei came over for dinner tonight. Alexei made me realize that I still cook like an American. Tom prepared the chicken breasts while I did a potato & cheese dish. To go along with that I made corn and green beans. Each of the vegetable dishes were separate. I guess they have had dinner with other Americans who also separate the veggies! Lena said that most Russians would mix the veggies into some type of salad. Corn is usually served in a crab salad that is quite popular.

After everyone was served and we started to eat Alexei asked "why do Americans eat so much corn?" Tom asked him "why do Russians eat so much cabbage?" the answer to both questions is simple. Because it is available! We talked about how many different states in America that corn is grown in. And we talked about cabbages being plentiful here.

After dinner we watched a bit of the World Cup soccer game. Spain was playing Ukraine. Ukraine lost but Lena was ok with that!

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