Friday, June 23, 2006

our house guests

Our guests have a two and a half year old daughter. Her name is Dionna.
She is such a joy. Last night she sang for us for about a half hour. She sings about whatever is around her. She will sing about chairs, dishes, towels... basically whatever is in the room she is in.

Last night she picked up one of my crochet hooks and used it as a microphone. And she can switch from Russian to English without any trouble!

Her parents have planted a church in Derbent, Dahgestan. They are Russian nationals who graduated from the BLTC two years ago. We were blessed to have been here on our scouting trip when they graduated. We attended the graduation, Tom also taught some of the final sessions, and he remembers most of the men who were his students. (Lena and Alexei were also in that graduating class). And now it is an honor to have them staying with us.

The church is in a Muslim area and right now they have about 40 people. Their names are Alonna (ah-loan-nah) and Vasa. Vasa told us last night at dinner that they have seven different people groups attending the church. He said that each week they allow a different people group to do the worship. They are enjoying songs from each of the nationalities represented.

Vasa also told us about a time when he went to go have some copies of songs transferred from a floppy to a disk. The clerk asked him what was on the floppy. When he heard that it contained Christian music, the clerk threw the floppy back at him and refused to do the work.

I asked him if living there was dangerous. He said “yes, but there is danger all over the world.” They are very committed to the area even though he knows he could be killed or harmed.
Please pray for the church in Derbent and for those who are willing to work in that area.
Please pray for a safe birth of their second child. Alonna will be here in Krasnodar until the baby is born.

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