Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spencer is home!

Yesterday Spencer came back from Moscow. He left home on Tuesday and was there until Satuday. He was with our friends Jody and Melanie

Melanie and Jody were students at the language school. Melanie was the one who took me to Vishevoy Reenock and exposed me to aisles and aisles of clothes! They have three children.

Spencer was orginally going to go to Khabarisk to visit them. But the other person he was scheduled to fly with was afraid to fly that far away for her first airplane trip. Then we found out that their family was going to be in Moscow for several days. And Leeza (the kids former nanny) agreed to go on that trip. Moscow is only two hours away by plane but Khabarisk is 9 hours away.

Spencer said that Leeza was so nervous that she grabbed his hand at take off and didn't let it go until they landed. She is 23. They arrived at Melanie and Jody's apartment by metro! (subway) We gave Spencer taxi money but they decided to use public transport instead.

Spencer was not blown away with Moscow. There are beautiful things to see there but it is loud, busy and full of rude people. Like... New York! He said people didn't apologize for bumping you like they do here. And many things they wanted to buy were expensive. That is everything except for telephones. He used the birthday money from us and his grandparents to buy a new camera phone.

He went to Red Square once and to McDonalds three times. Teenagers have priorities! Melanie and Jody left very early Thursday morning for a trip to Poland. Fortunately for Spencer and Leeza she has family that live in Moscow. So they were able to spend Thursday and Friday night with Leeza's Aunt and Uncle.

Spencer was completely immersed in Russian while he was gone. He enjoyed being with Aidan, Leia and Makayla. He didn't enjoy the "white nights". He said the sun went down at midnight and came back up around four a.m. It was hard for the little ones to go to sleep. He said McDonald's tasted like "normal" and Red Square was "cool". He seemed most excited about the new cell phone!

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