Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yesterday was 'Travel Day'!

Congrats to 3 former LA Lakers (Coach Riley, Shaq & GP) for their recent NBA Championship title! I’ve only read about the NBA playoffs on the internet, as sports here have a bad case of World Cup fever, & nothing else.

Alida left for a women’s leadership retreat in the beautiful resort city of Anapa on the Black Sea…one of the benefits of living so close to the water. I took Spencer to the airport for his flight to Moscow. He & friend Leeza will be visiting some former language school students who moved away. Leeza had never flown before, so she relied on the experience of Spencer to guide them thru the airport protocol. Meanwhile, Nathan & I are enjoying incredible silence!!! I’m not saying that Alida & Spencer are loud & noisy…but having too less people around certainly changes things…especially when they are two loud & noisy people! (The opinions of this blog post do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the owner of this blog, & may be representative only of the guest commentator).

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