Sunday, June 11, 2006

toe up crocheted socks & a movie!

Joyce B. came over today and we watched her DVD of The Best of Will Farrell. I guess you have to be an SNL fan to appreciate the humor. But, no matter what we watch with Joyce it's a hoot!

She was amazed that as I was watching I made a sock. I found this very simple pattern on the internet and thought I would give it a try.

I finished the mate while watching Harry Potter. Just another lazy Saturday afternoon.

Tom went off to his AA meeting. Spencer was spending the day with Andrew. His family leaves tomorrow. Nathan was reading a Stephen King book.

Spencer and Tom got home around the same time this evening. The buses were not running very smoothly. Spencer and Andrew rode two different buses that didn't finish the route. Tom waited longer than usual and actually walked part of the way to find a better bus stop. Both he and Spencer have reports of seeing many drunk people out tonight. Tom said the conductor on the bus was totally wasted... the conductor is not the driver. The conductor just sells the tickets to the passengers when they get on. Posted by Picasa

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