Thursday, June 29, 2006

St Peter and Paul Day

Today is a holiday. I thought Russia had a lot of holidays but Italy has some interesting ones too. A lot of markets and stores are shut down for the day but most of the bars are still open!

It is very tranquil here. Not at all like Rome. Franciscan monks stroll around barefoot singing. Groups of monks meet for discussion and prayer on the church steps. Doves walk around in church like they own the place. This is a very spirit-filled city. There are not many tourists to be seen. Most people seem to be pilgrims here... perhaps to experience what St. Francis did while he was here. Cameras are rarely seen and photos are not allowed in the churches.

Yesterday I was at Basilica Santa Maria Degli Angeli. Today my plan is to go to the Basilica dedicated to St. Francis. It was built after his death. The church he actually attended was Santa Maria Degli Angeli.

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