Friday, March 28, 2008

“Как тебе не стыдно?!”

kak tibyeh ne stidna?!

The first teens standing near us on the tramvai were two young men from the military academy. The next group was four teens… three girls and one boy. One girl could not stop laughing, one girl was doing graffiti on the window, the boy was doing pull ups on the bar that passengers hold onto to steady themselves, and the last girl was trying to get them all to settle down. She fussed at them to “be quiet” or “be careful” and when that didn’t work it was a loud “Как тебе не стыдно?!” or roughly translated “have you no shame?!” It only worked for a short while.


  1. Amazing that she even spoke up for them to behave. Most teens would be afraid of being ridiculed.

  2. I wonder if teens in America would even know what that means??? Good story!

  3. Karolee and crickl- Thanks for your comments they are both so true!