Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy International Women's Day!

As Tom and I were coming home from our lunch date to celebrate the holiday today we saw that our local outdoor market was flooded with a variety of flowers... mostly tulips from vendors we had never seen before!

Flowers are a major part of this holiday here in Russia. I was excited to receive flowers at school on Thursday and then again on Friday from Tom! We also noticed today that many women owned or run businesses were closed.

Here is a great way to describe the overall spirit of the holiday:
“We have many good holidays, but March 8 is special one, as on this day we congratulate our mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers,” Tomsk city mayor Nikolai Nikolaichuk said. To read the rest of this article you can click here

On Thursday the women from the BLTC were all treated to an incredibly beautiful Russian banya... we enjoyed the sauna, pool, the comfort & beauty of the halls we were in and the time of fellowship with one another. I am grateful that my first experience in a Russian banya was in a place so luxurious! We were split into two groups one group occupied the Africa themed room and the other group was in the Indonesia themed room. Some of the gals who had been before brought things like body salt scrubs and honey to massage into our skin... I am still feeling the affects of how smooth and silky the honey made my skin feel!

I love this holiday! On Monday we have the day off of school and the women from the language school will be enjoying lunch together!

To learn more about this holiday click here

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  1. Beautiful picture of flowers! It makes me anxious for spring!