Friday, March 14, 2008

just girl time!

Stephanie opened her home today for a time of playing with makeup and foot massages for the teachers!

This was one of the highlights of my week, I totally enjoyed putting make up on Stephanie's two youngest daughters... I rarely get to play like this!

Megan and me!

all the goodies!

Goar getting her feet massaged by Rebecca!

Tania, our school director, putting makeup on Brianna!
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  1. I bet these times are awesome for you since you can't exactly do this with your boys.

  2. Wonderful pics Alida! I love the one of you and the little look like you are absolutely enjoying!


  3. I'm definitely going to try and snag that photo of Tanya and Brianna! It's great. Hope you have a good morning at KBC!

  4. That's a very flattering picture of you! Sounds like a great day!