Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tom's March seminar begins!!!

This month’s theme is “How People Grow” and today’s topic was “Growth as a Process”.

Tom was pleased with the turn out… we had 20 people today including the two little ones in childcare!

Dima did such a great job translating, Lena B. was awesome with the children, Spencer was in charge of the audio visual, he did an excellent job handling the PowerPoint and showing video clips… and I got to wear a few hats today, I did registration, made sure that there were snacks for the kids as well as prepared the tea and dessert for the adults and finally making sure that everyone who worked got paid!

We had a few new faces today which were great to see… I have a few special memories I will carry away from today, one of them was seeing the two little girls in childcare so excited to see one another! They met for the first time back during Tom’s first seminar in November. And they had not seen each other since the end of December. The other memory is of the number of men we had today. There were an equal number of men and women. Typically topics like this attract women… so you can imagine my excitement when the women finished up our small group time ahead of the men. It truly thrills our hearts to see such enthusiasm for this topic from the men!

Tom has two more topics to cover in this seminar… and we ask that you pray for us as our family works to make this time comfortable and enjoyable for all!

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  1. It's always fun to have more people show up than expected!