Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eat at Home

I was assigned the task of choosing the MOPS video for Thursday. We have been trying to alternate between having something active and something more mellow like a short lesson or film.

I found an excellent culinary series on DVD called "Eat at Home". Unfortunately, only the first season is on DVD. But, the wonderful thing for our group is that the host of the show is pregnant in this season and is also the mother of a preschooler!!

The show has been on the air here in Russia since 2003. And it is a very high quality show. The host of the show is Julia Vysotskaya and she reminds me of Rachel Ray. She is not a chef but she loves to cook.

I was watching her make a dessert and as she gives the measurement for sugar she smiles and says:"add one fist full of sugar and if your hand is bigger than mine, then your dough will be sweeter!"

She talks fast and is very energetic and keeps me on the edge of my seat watching to see what she will do next!

This Thursday at Mops we will watch an episode on putting together a picnic for children. I was able to download and print all the recipes to hand out to the moms. I am looking forward to seeing if the gals like her as much as I do!

The website is only in Russian:

However, I did find a short write up about her in English at this website:

Julia is the reason I was bold enough to overcome my fear of the meat mallet and make Chicken Cordon Bleu for Tom's birthday!


  1. How fun is that??!! What a great idea! and I just love people who cook with sugar by the handful instead of measuring cups!

  2. Looks interesting! I'll have to check her out.