Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Mops Morning

Alyona had the dough and the eggs pre-made

Lena placing the ingredients on the dough

Four hands were better than two!

It smelled divine!

And it tasted great too!

In Russian this is called a "pirog". Dough with some type of filling. We followed Julia's recipe after watching the DVD to see how she prepared everything. It was a fun cooperative effort. Alyona premade the dough and hard boiled the eggs, Lena brought tomatoes and parmesan cheese and I contributed the bacon and printed out the recipe.

We each took turns rolling out the dough, and layering the ingredients. We doubled the recipe to make 4 pirogi and brought the children and childcare workers to feast with us. I was a little hesitant of the hard boiled egg inside but once it all came together it truly was tasty!

It doesn't seem to matter what activity we choose to do or how many women show up...the best thing about the morning is that we are together. This week we had 7 moms and 7 kids... it was just right!

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