Monday, January 26, 2009

Looking back at the weekend...

Tom's 46th birthday was Saturday. And he chose to celebrate by starting up the Saturday teaching sessions!!

He spoke on the 12 steps and gave an overview of each step and he taught us the Biblical priniciple behind each one. We had 13 in attendance!

Each week I make something for the tea that we serve after Tom teaches. This week instead of a cake for Tom's birthday I baked Stephanie's Cinnamon Rolls. They were a big hit. One of the ladies really like the frosting on top... she licked the pan clean as she was asking for the recipe!!

After the seminar we went out for his birthday lunch along with our friend Katya. She is translating for Tom while Dima is in Moscow. We went to the Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant and had a great time. We ended up letting Katya ask for the check because we had been joking about how if you end up pronouncing the word for check incorrectly you will be saying "sh*t". We were laughing so hard that Katya was the only one who could keep a straight face and say it correctly!!

Tom heard from Spencer and from Nathan on his birthday and had lots of greetings from our friends here and abroad.

Sunday Tom was given a birthday card and greetings from the church. And we had the privilege of hearing Chuck speak about his journey as a believer and all of the work he has done in various countries in the former Soviet Union. He came to Russia for the first time in 1979. His distinguished grey hair and years of experience gave him an attentive audience!

To finish off Tom's weekend birthday celebration I made Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner. However, if you ask Tom what I made he will call it Remont Chicken. In Russian the word remont means remodel. Tom heard me pounding away with the mallet to flatten the chicken breasts and to him it sounded like one of our neighbors doing remont!

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