Monday, February 02, 2009

Part time job!!

Tonight was my second session teaching Business English at an employment agency. They are such eager and willing students... it is a joy to work with them. The financial crisis has us all tightening our belts so when this job opportunity came around I eagerly accepted it!!

Just as we were about to start going over the article they were assigned to read entitled "How Not to Sound Like a Fool" one of the women raised her hand to ask me a question.

"Is it acceptable to ask questions about your presidents?"

I told her I was willing to answer any questions and would not be offended. She swallowed hard and said:

"George Bush makes lots of grammatical mistakes doesn't he?" She immediately covered her mouth and looked down.

I told her that he has made his share of blunders and she compared him to a former prime minister here in Russia. His name is Victor Chernomyrdin. She said his Russian grammar is horrible and he frequently said things that were just not quite right.

The former president's mistakes were not part of my original lesson plan but we will discuss a few of them next week during the warm up time at the beginning of class. I need to get on line to find some of Victor Chernomyrdin's as well... next week should be an interesting lesson.

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