Thursday, April 21, 2011

Five loaves and Two fish...

Recently I received an email from a young blogger that began this way:

Hello!  My name is Brianna.  I am fourteen years old.  This year God opened my heart and eyes to the needs of orphans in this world.  I am wanting to do everything I can to obey Him. 

 Her passion grabbed my attention so I am providing the info here to help her get the word out about her fundraising project.   She is currently raising money for Teri Lynn from Reece's Rainbow and for the Bible Orphan Ministry in Ukraine.

Just click on the graphic for her fundraising blog:

Grab This!


  1. Thats a great cause!

  2. Anonymous6:03 AM

    What wonderful news to find the young passinate about the things of God the giving of self ...

    Thanks for the comment on my blog ...would love for you to come back and click "follow" that we as sisters in Christ may come to know each other this side of eternity..
    I have chosen to follow you ..I enjoyed reading over your post...your smile is radiant!

  3. It's always so wonderful to see God's Light shining through young people! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    Have a Blessed Day!