Monday, April 11, 2011

glimpses of Sunday

View of the front of the church...
This is part of a factory so each Saturday night they clean this room and get it set for Sunday morning.

Ritchel welcoming everyone to the service...
His zeal for the Lord is contagious!

Tom speaking from John 12

Tom talked about the three different kinds of people found in John 12.
a) people who will stand by you
b) people who stand against you
c) people who stand by you when it is convenient

an interpretive dance...
These young ladies are both 12 years old... do you remember being that young and full of energy?!

hanging out after church
This little baby was passed around from person to person and never once cried
 or showed any discomfort with being around so many people.  

After the service was over we all stayed together for a time of fellowship.  There was a BIG pot of rice and  beans, just enough chicken for everyone to have a taste along with coleslaw. We women got to work right away filling plates with food, cups with juice and carefully rationing it all out to make sure it would go around.

Ritchel has challenged us all to know one another's names so this get-together was also a time to go around and make sure that you are familiar with everyone... apparently he is going to start testing us soon on how many people we know.

This little church does not have name as yet... but it is growing in numbers.  Last week we had 24 people present and this week there were 28.  Two new families showed up while some from last week were missing due to work schedules. It was exciting to meet a couple that had not been in church for many years venture back into fellowship with other believers.

This time last year Tom, Spencer and I were in Turkey facing Easter in a Muslim country and missing out on our Russian church family celebration. Now, Tom and I are excited to be facing the impending holiday with this new fellowship and eager to bond with them as family too.

So how was your Sunday?  And are you looking forward to Easter where you are?


  1. So that's the preacher in action. I can almost hear him. And how different this Easter will be than last. God bless you both and what you do Alida. The pictures and your words really did make me feel almost there :)

  2. Alida, thank you so much for your pictures and keeping us up on the growth of this congregation. Your photos and stories of Faith bring it alive for me, and make me wish I could attend services with you!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    So beautiful! The dance, the baby, the place of worship - just showing us that when Jesus shows up, it is a beautiful thing! Bless you for what you do - I can see your heart in these pictures:)

  4. Thanks for you words of encouragement everyone... we are so eager to see what God will do here with this little congregation filled with broken people.

  5. oh wow! I love your little church. I am returning the visit from the UBP11. And I'm so glad I did. I love seeing others in action serving Christ. It sounds like you have a great little church. May God bless you immensely!

  6. AWESOME post my Dear. Love, Love this so much. Wish I could be there to live it. My Sunday was no where near as colorful. Fantastic, this one should be in the book you're going to write some day! No?

    Take care, Keri