Thursday, September 08, 2011

Furniture Delivery Day!

We were so excited to see the delivery truck show up with our furniture!

And even more excited that they came before the rain began again!

Will it fit through the front door?

Not looking very hopeful at this point.

Not only is the sofa large but it is also very heavy.  The set that we purchased was made locally of Belizean hardwoods. Tom said he has not ever lifted a sofa this heavy that didn't have a mattress inside.  The frame and legs are connected so the legs couldn't be removed to go through the door.

Tom directed them to the side door...after lots of maneuvering the sofa finally made it into the house.  

They had to disconnect the stove and move it out of the way so there was more room to negotiate.  At one point the second guy was having a hard time getting through the doorway on his end...the first guy said "hey, what's the jam up?" and the second guy laughed and replied "mi cell  phone!"

After all of their hard work getting two large chairs and that sofa in the house they asked it they could pick some plums from the tree in our yard.  We gave them each a bag to fill...they were very pleased with their bounty!

My photos are not the camera battery was recharging when they drove up so I had to use Tom's cell phone.  Once we get the furniture arranged the way we want it I will post pictures of the living room.  We are so grateful for the generous  gift that was given to us so that we could make this purchase.  We are going out on Friday to look at a table and chairs for the kitchen.  

We have been here a full year now...and this house we are in is finally feeling like a home.


  1. I'm glad you're starting to feel at home. Thank goodness you had a second entrance otherwise you'd be in trouble. Just a note to measure the door and any furniture you purchase!

    I wish I had plums growing outside my door! xx

  2. OMG you lucky duck I can't believe you live in Belize!! I've been dying to go on vacay. We came close to it this year but switched to Mexico at the last minute on account of some bad preparations. I'll just have to follow along so that I can live vicariously through you....don't try to stop me :-)

  3. Yayyyyy for new furniture and btw it looks great. I'm glad you're getting settled into your new home :)

  4. Love that big, comfy sofa. It will be great for napping or curling up and watching some HGTV!

  5. It looks like a wonderful sofa, and from the way you've described it's manufacture, you should have it for many years to come!

    Such a Blessing!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. What I really sweet ending with the plums!!!

  7. I was so happy that they asked about the was a sweet ending to me too!

  8. That is a beautiful sofa and what a perfect payment for all the hard work the guys did. I bet they gobbled those plums up pretty fast. :)

  9. ahh, it is a great feeling to feel one step closer to feeling at home ... it is amazing that furniture can do that!

    and all the plum talk is making me droll ... what i would do for some home grown juicy plums right now ...