Monday, September 05, 2011

what are youth facing in Belize?

I was thinking about a couple of the dramas we watched last week at Legacy.  Alcohol and drugs are a major problem.  Suicide came up more than once.   I realize these are universal problems that young people face all over the world.  But the one that keeps haunting me is suicide.  This has even come up a time or two in our counseling office.

People feeling as if they have no hope or purpose in life.  People feeling as if they would be better off dead because they cannot live without a loved one who has passed away.  People feeling as if a demonic power is telling them that suicide is the answer to all of their problems.

We listen, we encourage, we tell people how much they are valued and loved.  And we keep praying.  Today is not a holiday here in Belize so we are at work in the counseling office.  Please keep us and those who walk through these doors in your thoughts and prayers.

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Still counting the gifts:
246. youth who are willing to speak out and bring awareness to others.
247. finally hearing from our youngest son who is on a mission trip.
248. our oldest son started a new job that is perfect for him.
249. being able to work and live in such a wonderful place.
250. homemade doughnuts!


  1. I pray for all of those who feel lost and have no hope. I can understand where they are coming from, it wasn't long ago that I felt that way myself. I'm so glad you all are there making a difference, you never know... you might be the difference for them. I think its truly amazing what you guys do! :)

  2. Thank you, Jess. We pray that we will be used...we are willing.

  3. i love when youth are passionate about the issues facing them! that looked really powerful. i do think those issues are facing kids on this side of the world too!

  4. Home made doughnuts :)

    I cannot imagine being so down that you are tempted to take your own life. I think the Lord for my wonderful friends and family. And for you, helping people through those difficult times xx

  5. Mrs. Pancakes, it was a powerful skit!

    Sherms, the doughnuts were was my first time making them!!

  6. Blessings on you as you make a difference in Belize.


  7. Those are dramatic photos. Very sobering. Keeping young people engaged and connected in healthy community seems like a key and you are certainly doing that!

  8. Glenda, Thank you!

    Galen, it was a very touching drama with such a powerful message.

  9. I pray for all those who you touch and that you would do a mighty work in His name.