Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

I have finally joined Pinterest and oh my goodness is it addictive!

Friends kept mentioning it...and I resisted for as long as possible.  Resistance is futile.  What I like about this virtual cork board is that anything I find of interest on the internet can be pinned there.  A recipe, a photo. a video, a book I am thinking of purchasing...can all be stored in different categories without having to bookmark each individual site on my computer.

What a great concept.  And so far I am finding all sorts of treasures on my own and from things my friends have pinned on their boards.  Check it out if you dare...  just remember it will be hard to back away once you get started!

You can see the recipes I have pinned in hopes of trying by clicking here

I am especially eager to try this Chicken Parmesan Burger:

Happy Tasty Tuesday!


  1. Welcome to pinterest...enjoy the ride!

  2. When I hopefully move and get a new laptop, I'll try it out then.

    I've been wanting to make regular chicken parm for the past few weeks but haven't got around to it yet. Story of my life!

  3. I saw this on your board this morning and it looks yummy! Nice to know when I can't be on the web, there are others finding nice things for me to try!

  4. Looks like an interesting site Alida... I hadn't run into it before. Thanks for sharing the site, and the burger!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Anonymous6:23 PM


    Totally addicted to pinterest lol

    That burger looks really delish, will have to try out the recipe.

  6. It definitely is addictive! i've been trying to post things but i get so overwhelmed with all the choices!

  7. I joined pinterest, too. So far, I am keeping it under control. Here hoping . . . that keeps up.:-)


  8. omg, sooo delish!!! i want to make it! i haven't gotten into pinterest because i can't be addicted to anything else.