Monday, June 04, 2012

the gift of people...

Are you more grateful for the people who are in your life than the things you have acquired?  

Each day this past week was filled with people.  As an introvert that can get overwhelming for me...but this week it was energizing.  I am excited about relationships that are deepening and acquaintances that are turning into friends.  As we prepare to leave for a month long trip to the states on Wednesday God took time to remind us that there are people here that we will miss greatly.

We lost many material possessions in our move from Russia...but what we are gaining in relationships with people here in Belize is truly priceless.

And we accept each encounter with people that God has placed along our path as priceless treasure from His hands.

810.  praying with a woman in a village not far from here.
811.  holding her precious baby as we chatted.
812.  Maritza, who is patiently helping me to learn Spanish.
813.  rejoicing with a young mother over the work opportunities she has for the month of June.
814.  lunch with my friend Liz who had just returned from time in the states.
815.  feeling the love and support of the missionary community here.
816.  Eric bringing back a battery for Tom's computer.
817.  meeting the ladies on the Morality Matters team here working with CDF last week.
818.  counseling with a young mom who is growing in awareness about herself and her choices.
819.  meeting with Merv who will be staying in our house while we are away for the month.
820.  laughing with Charles, Ranika, Spencer and Meesha as we enjoyed dinner and games.
821.  long chats with Spencer and Meesha.
822.  dinner with the CDF board members and their families.

823.  meeting Shannon, Emrece, and Nerise on our Divaz Next Door adventure.

824.  Mike, Maria, Twila and Teddy from Cayo Adventure Tours who provided us with a day of canoeing, rock climbing and zip lining!
825.  time with Anna and Andrea the hosts of the talk show Divaz Next Door.

and precious gifts found in the Word:

826.  seeing God as the ultimate boundary setter  Psalm 74:17
827.  His desire to feed and satisfy His people Psalm 81:16
828.  His example of unlimited patience  I Timothy 1:16
829.  His eternal encouragement and good hope  II Thessalonians 2:16
830.  He faithfulness as He strengthens and protects us from the evil one  II Thessalonians 3:3

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. you have a lot to be thankful and be happy about. I can feel your joy through your writings. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for the blessings and the kinds words!

  2. lovely. thank you for stopping by my little space today. i've been looking over your blog and other links. beautiful work you are doing in the ugly mess of sin. thank you.

    1. so glad that you stopped by. We do what we can as God directs us!

  3. Here is my list today

    531. A good editor
    532. Sunny weather
    533. Sitting with my grandson on a quilt in the grass
    534. Being able to help a friend after surgery
    535. Lunch with a good friend
    536. My daughter learning to drive
    537. My old dog is still alive
    538. People who are professional and kind
    539. Corn on the cob
    540. A good novel

    1. Galen Pearl, What a great list of blessings...533 is a joy I hope to experience some day!!

  4. it looks like you had the best weekend ever!! and i love the new pictures at the top..beautiful and so rich!

    1. It truly was the best weekend ever...I had a blast! Thanks for the feedback on the header. I thought it was time to show a bit more of Belize!

  5. love your grateful heart