Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott City here we come!

I am speaking to a group of 2nd through 4th graders at a kid's camp out in Scott City, Kansas this evening.  As part of my talk on being a missionary I am going to teach them a song in Kriol.  I can teach it to you too if you like!

Do you know the song This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made?  My friend Shelly wrote out the words for me...here you go!  (Just a note on pronunciation...di sounds like dee.)

Dis da di day, dis da di day
Dat di Lord has made, dat di Lord has made.
We wah rejoice, we wah rejoice,
And be glad ina it. And be glad ina it.

Dis da di day dat di Lord has made,
We wah rejoice and be glad ina it.
Dis da di day, dis da di day, dat di Lord has made!

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  1. Love this I will print it out to use in Sunday school and show a picture of were you are.