Monday, June 18, 2012

the gift of travel...

There is a blessing in traveling that I had forgotten.

Traveling can take you to exotic places.  But, it can also take you home.  We traveled from New Mexico to Kansas this past week...going through Texas and Oklahoma along the way.  The closer we got to Kansas the more things started to look and feel familiar.  We have not lived in Kansas since 1988.  And it feels like 'old home week' each time we come back for a visit.

We are seeing old friends and meeting new.

We have had time with family...including my 93 year old grandmother and my cousin's 2 and 1/2 year old son.

The same highway that took us out of Kansas 24 years ago brought us back again.  And for that I am indeed grateful.

And the gifts of this trip just keep unfolding...

849.  my 93 year old grandmother is still mentally sharp and full of life.
850.  hugs and kisses from Auntie Martha.
851.  hugs and kisses from Aunt Lisa.
852.  my mother's face all lit up with excitement.
853.  seeing real life answers to prayer at Mike and Kristy's church.
854.  spending time at Hope Community church.
855.  the generosity of fellow believers.
856.  a young girl who gave us all she had to give because she wanted to support our work.
857.  dinner with Sister Ralston and her family.
858.  Paul and Cathy's friendship and hospitality.
859.  safety as we traveled.
860.  watching a little one eat ice cream with such pure joy.
861.  seeing Sister Ralston's secret garden.
862.  five new families who made pledges to support us.

863.  Greensburg, Kansas and all that they have rebuilt since the tornado five years ago

864.  interruptions that cross our path in the parking lot. 

865.  simple reminders of God's loving care everywhere we go.

gifts found in the Word:

866.  He does not show favoritism  Galatians 2:6
867.  He will rebuild us  Jeremiah 31:4
868.  His gifts and call are irrevocable  Romans 11:29
869.  He is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters Hebrews 2:11
870.  He knows our needs  Matthew 6:32

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Very touching indeed. I miss my family too. They are a thousand miles apart from me. And thank you for seeing God's blessings everywhere:)

  2. i love what you said about how traveling can bring you true...glad you are enjoying your visit! Does Belize feel like home now?

  3. So glad you are having time with family.

  4. That's a long time without visiting home! Here's my list for today.

    541. Sweet words of appreciation from my daughter
    542. A wonderful weekend at the cabin
    543. Reading two books in one weekend
    544. The doctor saying that my grandson’s fever was nothing serious
    545. Living without fear of dying in a genocide (one book was about Rwanda)
    546. My old dog ate her breakfast (she’s going day to day at this point)
    547. My book is in the last stages of editing
    548. A piece of gourmet dark chocolate
    549. Not having to get up with an alarm
    550. Being outside for a whole day

  5. What a blessing to go home. I have not lived in TN for 16 years yet part of me still thinks of it as home. So glad you got some new family to support your wonderful ministry:) Saying a prayer you have a restful blessed trip!

  6. Those are the best kinds of trips or travel's! My hubby and I used to live in Oklahoma once upon a time and I'd love to go back to see it again some day. I wish you continuous safe travels along your way and lots of fun & joy :)