Friday, June 15, 2012

on the road again

Yesterday we left Albuquerque, New Mexico and drove to Guymon, Oklahoma. We spent last night watching the basketball game and waiting out the severe storm that came through Oklahoma.  We saw hail for the first time in years.  The winds were high and the rain was coming down hard.  Thankfully, we were safe, warm, and dry in our hotel room and not trying to drive in that storm.

Today our destination is Andover, Kansas.  Pray that all goes well on the drive for us... we are excited to see family and friends in Kansas!


  1. So glad your trip is going well!! Can't wait to see pictures of your highlight!

  2. Wow Guymon what a place :). I lived in Balko, OK for 3 years when I was little which is not far from there. Glad you stayed safe from the storm!

  3. You were in my state! I'm in OKC, but still. :)