Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blogger App

I just discovered that there is a Blogger app for my Galaxy Tablet!  I enjoy the convenience that using the Tablet provides.  I carry the Tablet around in my purse when I go out, so even on those occasions when I don't have my camera with me I can still snap a photo...

like this one I took in the car:

or this one when we went out to eat the other day:

I use several different apps already... my favorites are the YouVersion Bible and the Kindle apps.  I use both of them daily.  The Bible app is a perfect fit because I can easily switch from one book to the next or check out different versions of the same passage.  The Kindle app is great for reading when I am home or while standing in line somewhere like I did yesterday at the bank for a half hour.  I also use apps for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail.

I am not sure how frequently I'll use this Blogger app because even though I was able to write this post using the app I could not schedule it to publish at a specific time or add more than one photo like I am used to doing from my laptop. So I had to do all the editing from the computer and not on the Tablet.  However, it sure is great to have the option if I am away from my computer and want to start a post or publish right away.

What apps do you use?


  1. i am in the 20th century..i dont even have apps on my phone which btw is not smart!

  2. Oh I love my Samsung Tab too Alida. The apps I use most are the Kindle app, google reader and I even found an app that turns my phone into a pedometer.