Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Stop and Breathe...

In order to catch my breath I had to let some things go.  Not posting yesterday helped me to take a step back.

We are always grateful for the ministry opportunities that God places in our path.  Our desire is not to get weary as we work so we need to take small breaks here and there when we can.  As we face a jam-packed week ahead we could use your prayers...so that we'll have the energy needed to get through it all.

Hope you remember to stop and breathe too!


  1. Lord, give Alida strength for each task that comes her way this week. Protect her from things going wrong, that would just take up more time. Help her to see You in all of it. And surprise her with lots of little breathing moments along the way.

  2. I agree with Glenda's prayer for you and Tom!