Friday, October 05, 2012

You know you're in Belize when...

You find one of these guys on your windshield!

or on the wall of a building...


or in the hand of a friend!!

The first time I saw one of these critters the Belizean friend we were with called it a cricket.  Just a few days later one of them surprised us by landing on the windshield of our car as we pulled out of our driveway.  I took his photo and put it on Facebook.  

Last night we were at a dinner meeting over at the Blue Thumb Mission when one landed on the wall  surprising us all.  The first time someone got too close and it flew away revealing beautiful mauve colored wings.  The lighting was not the best for picture taking but we are so grateful to Joe for picking it up, calming it down, and getting it to pose for us!  

And yeah, I did get that close.  I know. I still can't believe I did that.


  1. We have a ton of those in Trinidad, but we call them grasshopper. I remember cathing them as a child and scaring the crap out of my mom. LOL!

  2. WOW, they look amazing.

  3. He's a beautiful little critter. Do you have geckos too? I remember them in El Salvador. If I remember rightly they chirp...

  4. We have geckos inside the house and lizards in our yard! We are surrounded by nature. I don't mind the birds, butterflies, and dragonflies but the other critters startle me now and then.