Thursday, October 04, 2012

Half way there!!

This evening when I go out for my walk it will be the 50th day!  

It is so hard to believe that I am half-way to this goal.  It's not always easy to go out walking here.  Two days in a row the rain has come down so hard it didn't seem like it would ever stop.  My contingency plan is to walk around the house for a half hour but fortunately I have not had to do that yet.  It seems to clear up just in time for me to get out there,

I also have to confess that I learned a valuable lesson this week.  Just because I walk everyday now does NOT mean that I can eat ice cream everyday.  You probably knew that...but, for some reason I was delusional and thought a small bowl wouldn't hurt.  I guess my bowls are not that small because I gained a pound back.  Live and learn!

So how are you doing with your health and fitness goals?