Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter weekend joys!

Good Friday started off with welcoming a new little sister in Christ!

Resurrection Day was a great celebration for our Bethel Disciples family...

This was our first meeting under the new roof.  One year ago a ground breaking service was held on the property.  It is exciting to watch the progress as God provides the funds and workers for it to move forward.

Around 300 people came together to celebrate the Risen King!

Watching children get caught up in Toni's Easter lesson was a joy...

And we finished off our fellowship time with a potluck at Max and Patty's house.
This was our third Easter here in Belize.  Our first year we celebrated with friends from Canada who came down for a week.  Our second year we had Spencer at home with us.  And this year it was just the two of us at home but we were graced with plenty of 'family' to rejoice with.  God has blessed our time in Belize and we are excited to grow in Him along with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Bethel!


  1. Oh these pictures are wonderful!!! SO glad you had a blessed day:)

  2. Sounds like a beautiful Easter weekend. The pictures are lovely and I love the interest on the children's faces.

  3. Anonymous1:23 AM

    How joyous! Love seeing God at work!