Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fast food in Belize City...

We've been to Belize City several times. but never stopped at this restaurant before.  Typical fast food here is buying a plate of rice & beans with stewed chicken, or maybe some Mexican tacos, or some fried chicken with french fries.  All of which we have enjoyed plenty of times when we are hungry and in a hurry.

Yesterday after getting our errands done we took the time before the one hour drive back to Belmopan to stop in and see what Jamboree's had to offer.  The selection ranged from burgers, to fried chicken, to fish & chips, or even salads.  Pretty much the standard fast food fare you would expect if this place were located in the US.  It was clean and the staff was kind.  We got there in the late afternoon.  Way after the lunch rush but too soon for dinner.  There was only one other family there with us.  All in all, it was a pleasant stop with filling and yummy food!

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