Monday, April 08, 2013

gratefulness, gratefulness, is what You want from me...

We are so grateful for the missionary community that is here in Belize.  There are several local missionaries who meet together regularly to support one another, network, and brainstorm together.  Tom put the word out that we needed someone who could help fix the tiles in our bedroom.  A fellow missionary responded and actually came and did the work himself.  We are so blessed that he was able to make time for us!

Back in January we had some tiles buckle...

Tom and Spencer were able to take up the damaged tiles.and save the ones that were not affected.
On Friday Rich came over to begin repairing the floor.

He'll be back on Wednesday to grout the floor.  We are so grateful to see progress on this project.  Our house is beginning to feel like a home again and not a construction zone. 

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  1. SO happy to hear that others are so willing to help!! Such a blessing!!