Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Trying to eat and drink a little healthier so I whipped up a few treats to soothe my sweet tooth!

Tom called this one soylent green.
It was actually broccoli, apple, ginger and banana, with the juice of one lime.

 And this one is mango, papaya, banana, and coconut water.

Whether it's a fruit or a vegetable blend it's all tasty!  And I am looking forward to seeing what other combinations will come together based on what is available at the market.  I would love to give making juice a try but the cost of juicers here is unreal.  So I'll stick with my blender and use my money to buy more produce and make more smoothies!  

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  1. smoothies are the way to go...its better for you as you get your fiber and juice at the same time.