Tuesday, April 09, 2013

what makes your garden grow...

I'm trying my hand at gardening...these are watermelon plants.  I've planted cilantro and onions and I would love to get some tomatoes planted as well. 

One of my favorite memories from childhood is being at my grandparents house and helping out in their garden. The first thing my Paw Paw let me plant was a pumpkin.  I started off okay with watering but then as kids do I got bored.  But thankfully my pumpkin was planted near a well so even though I was derelict in my watering duties from time to time it was still taken care of. 

The best part of that first gardening experience was the beautiful pumpkin pie my Big Mama baked utilizing my pumpkin. Hopefully, I'll have the joy of cooking with produce from my own garden soon!
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  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    We have been wanting to garden ourselves but haven't started yet.

  2. Growing up I never remember having any fresh veggies. Sad :( But I am enjoying them now! Best of luck with your garden.

  3. We tried gardening a few plants in our apartment and one tree has already died although the hubby thinks it's still alive!!