Friday, April 12, 2013

To market, to market...

If you need furniture, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, shoes, clothes, or household goods...the market is the place to go.  Market days here in Belmopan are Tuesday and Friday.  It's best to go in the morning if possible.  By the late afternoon many of the vendors are packing up for the day.

I walked 2.6 miles getting my shopping done.  That mileage includes the walk to and from my house.  I found the produce that I needed, got some more seeds for my garden, and picked up a few outfits as well.  Most of the clothing is used and comes from the U.S.  If you have the patience to dig through the clothes on a table or look through racks hanging up inside the can always find a bargain or two! 


  1. Love going to the markets and 2nd clothes shopping !!!

    1. We'll have to go shopping when I come to visit!!!

  2. Wow. A lot different than going to the mall, huh? :)

  3. Definitely! Belize doesn't even have a mall in the whole country. You have to go to Mexico or Guatemala for that kind of shopping.

  4. Love this colorful look into Belize marketplace:)

  5. Anonymous6:53 AM

    I think I would love that market!