Tuesday, October 03, 2006

thoughts about Sunday

Since it was Communion Sunday we also had an open microphone time. It was interesting to hear testimonies and be able to understand most of them.

One of the girls who was to be baptised on Saturday has parents who do not want her coming to church. She didn't come to our church after the big Seeker camp that was held this summer near the Black Sea. She choose another church because they had an evening service that she could attend. Her parents thought that churches only meet in the day time. So they had no idea she was attending!

Sasha (Volodya and Lena's oldest daughter) shared a story about eating macaroni for a more than a week. She lives with another girl from the church. They both work and go to college but they were very low on money. They were excited when there were invited to eat with someone from church and guess what was served...MACARONI! Finally, one of the girls was given some money and was able to buy some food. They were grateful to God for that provision. As I listened to her talk I thought of when Nathan was little and how we made it to the end of the month and didn't know where food was going to come from. We would go to church hungry and get invited to someone's home for lunch. It is great when you see God's hand at work like that!

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