Saturday, February 02, 2008

hanging out with the girls...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tom and I were able to sleep in for a bit before Olya called needing to run some errands. She dropped the girls off and we had fun watching Finding Nemo and Shrek 3 in Russian! When her mom called for us to bring them home Eera didn't want to leave because she heard me say that Tom was going to the supermarket. She wanted to go to! Just like her mom she loves going out and when it was decided that we would go "shopping" she was willing to get dressed to go "out"!

DyaDya (uncle) Tom and Totyah(aunt) Alida took the girls out to buy candy and a Disney magazine before taking them home!

In this photo big sister Eera is commenting on the action in Shrek 3 while little sister Yanna is chilling out on the couch!

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  1. Oh what fun! I'm sure that in some aspects you miss those days and in others,'s a good thing they're over. :)

  2. Cute girls - were you able to understand the movies in Russian? Another great tool for learning the language!

    I received your post card from Cyprus today. We were all very excited to get mail from so far away. Thanks for thinking of me while you were on your trip!

  3. someone was telling me the way to stay young was to have a baby in your 40's... we decided that it would be easier to just babysit now and then!

    karolee, I am so glad that you got the postcard. We did understand the movie in Russian. The language is pretty simple in both of those movies!

    It was harder to understand Eera than the movie! She used to be very quiet and now she talks non stop and you know how some kids pronounce words differently when they are little... well they do it in Russian too!