Thursday, February 28, 2008

trip to the pharmacy!

Often we communicate with one another through text messaging. It is cheaper to send a text than to make a phone call and it keeps us from having to speak in English in public places. Tom sent me a text message today asking me to pick up some sinus medicine on the way home. I was coming from my prayer time with the East West gals which gave me the opportunity to check with Joyce about how to ask for sinus medicine in Russian.

I went in and told them that my husband had "pressure" in this area, while demonstrating where the sinuses are. The young lady quickly led me over to the medication she thought would work best and suggested something for his immune system as well. I had my language helper session right after this so I showed Lena the medications that I bought. Turns out I got all the right stuff! She told me that the medicine I bought for Tom works really well, would help with him fight off this virus and should get him to feeling better soon!

We have many people from the church who are sick right now... our pastor, Lena's husband Valodia came by to tell us that Mia, 4 years old, she is the daughter of Alla... who led the Women's Bible Study last week. Mia was just admitted to the hospital with a high fever. She has already been sick for over two weeks. Please keep us all in your prayers... this seems to be going through the church!


  1. So glad to hear you got the right stuff. It's got to be a bit unerving to be in a different country when you are sick.

  2. Oh I hope Tom recovers well. I love that you are doing so well with your Russian. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your TV time.