Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Crossing the hammock bridge

Yesterday Tom and June showed us around a few of the cities and villages outside of Belmopan. Our first stop was this bridge:

as we approached the bridge I was not sure I wanted to walk across it...
all I wanted was a photo and then I would have been happy to get back into the car.

June and I walked slower than the guys.
This was a mistake because the bridge was already swaying from their movements as we lagged behind.

we were on the lookout for iguanas but couldn't see any along the riverbank.

the bridge leads to YWAM property... they were the ones to put in the bridge many years ago.

Just to be honest with you all, I didn't go all the way across the bridge to photograph the sign... I stopped halfway. 
That was far enough for me.

My tummy and knees were ready for solid ground!

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