Monday, November 15, 2010

monkeys in Banana Bank

We took a field trip out to Banana Bank Lodge with Tom and June they wanted to show us all the animals and the grounds of the lodge.  Here are a few of the photos from our time out there:

Please pay attention to this sign if you visit John and Carolyn's place out in Banana Bank. We were out there a few weeks ago and just this Saturday we had a taxi driver tell us about a time when he went out there and got a little too close and yes, the monkeys do bite!

There are two spider monkeys on the property...this little guy was hard to photograph... he kept swinging around and around. It took about 15 shots to get one that was not completely blurry!

This second monkey was just chillin'. He was not really into paparazzi and would not face me no matter how long I waited for the shot.

But who could blame him when there were views like this one to take in...

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